Montenegro Immigration Statistics 2010-2024

International migrant stock is the number of people born in a country other than that in which they live. It also includes refugees. The data used to estimate the international migrant stock at a particular time are obtained mainly from population censuses. The estimates are derived from the data on foreign-born population--people who have residence in one country but were born in another country. When data on the foreign-born population are not available, data on foreign population--that is, people who are citizens of a country other than the country in which they reside--are used as estimates. After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 people living in one of the newly independent countries who were born in another were classified as international migrants. Estimates of migrant stock in the newly independent states from 1990 on are based on the 1989 census of the Soviet Union. For countries with information on the international migrant stock for at least two points in time, interpolation or extrapolation was used to estimate the international migrant stock on July 1 of the reference years. For countries with only one observation, estimates for the reference years were derived using rates of change in the migrant stock in the years preceding or following the single observation available. A model was used to estimate migrants for countries that had no data.
  • Montenegro immigration statistics for 2015 was 82,541.00, a 5.14% increase from 2010.
  • Montenegro immigration statistics for 2010 was 78,507.00, a INF% increase from .
  • Montenegro immigration statistics for was 0.00, a NAN% decline from .
  • Montenegro immigration statistics for was 0.00, a NAN% decline from .
Data Source: World Bank

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Kazakhstan 3,546,778.00
South Africa 3,142,511.00
Jordan 3,112,026.00
Turkey 2,964,916.00
Iran 2,726,420.00
Malaysia 2,514,243.00
Lebanon 1,997,776.00
Venezuela 1,404,448.00
Mexico 1,193,155.00
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China 978,046.00
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Botswana 160,644.00
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Colombia 133,134.00
North Macedonia 130,730.00
Bulgaria 102,113.00
Maldives 94,086.00
Namibia 93,888.00
Peru 90,881.00
Montenegro 82,541.00
Guatemala 76,352.00
Albania 57,616.00
Belize 53,860.00
Suriname 46,836.00
Bosnia 34,803.00
Mauritius 28,585.00
American Samoa 23,216.00
Jamaica 23,167.00
Guyana 15,384.00
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Cuba 13,336.00
St. Lucia 12,771.00
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Samoa 4,929.00
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 4,577.00
Marshall Islands 3,284.00
Nauru 3,178.00
Tuvalu 141.00
Montenegro Immigration Statistics - Historical Data
Year Migrant Population % of Total Population
2015 82,541.00 13.19
2010 78,507.00 12.62