Elastic Debt to Equity Ratio 2018-2023 | ESTC

Current and historical debt to equity ratio values for Elastic (ESTC) over the last 10 years. The debt/equity ratio can be defined as a measure of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its long-term debt by stockholders' equity. Elastic debt/equity for the three months ending January 31, 2023 was 1.47.
Elastic Debt/Equity Ratio Historical Data
Date Long Term Debt Shareholder's Equity Debt to Equity Ratio
2023-01-31 $1.24B $0.39B 3.23
2022-10-31 $1.20B $0.39B 3.07
2022-07-31 $1.18B $0.39B 2.99
2022-04-30 $1.23B $0.42B 2.96
2022-01-31 $1.13B $0.43B 2.61
2021-10-31 $1.11B $0.45B 2.47
2021-07-31 $1.06B $0.46B 2.34
2021-04-30 $0.52B $0.45B 1.16
2021-01-31 $0.44B $0.46B 0.98
2020-10-31 $0.43B $0.44B 0.96
2020-07-31 $0.39B $0.43B 0.90
2020-04-30 $0.39B $0.41B 0.94
2020-01-31 $0.32B $0.42B 0.77
2019-10-31 $0.33B $0.43B 0.77
2019-07-31 $0.25B $0.26B 0.98
2019-04-30 $0.22B $0.26B 0.85
2019-01-31 $0.18B $0.27B 0.66
2018-10-31 $0.18B $0.28B 0.62
2018-07-31 $0.00B $0.00B 0.00
2018-04-30 $0.00B 0.00
2018-01-31 $0.00B $0.00B 0.00
2017-10-31 $0.00B $0.00B 0.00
2017-04-30 $0.00B $0.00B 0.00
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Business Services Technology Services $7.028B $1.069B
Elastic N.V. is a search company. It primarily provides Elastic Stack, a set of software products which ingest and store data from various sources and formats, as well as performs search, analysis and visualization. Elastic N.V. is based in Mountain View, California.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Thomson Reuters Corp (TRI) Canada $58.208B 45.44
Trane Technologies (TT) Ireland $39.318B 22.51
Block (SQ) United States $38.435B 0.00
IQVIA Holdings (IQV) United States $37.854B 22.30
Nu Holdings (NU) Brazil $32.488B 98.86
Palantir Technologies (PLTR) United States $32.270B 0.00
Spotify Technology (SPOT) Luxembourg $29.736B 0.00
Aptiv (APTV) Ireland $24.960B 25.07
Rocket (RKT) United States $16.420B 0.00
Jacobs Solutions (J) United States $14.500B 16.01
UiPath (PATH) United States $10.814B 0.00
Procore Technologies (PCOR) United States $9.117B 0.00
Full Truck Alliance (YMM) China $6.756B 43.64
NOV (NOV) United States $6.099B 18.44
Coherent (COHR) United States $5.273B 13.81
Parsons (PSN) United States $4.811B 28.50
Vontier (VNT) United States $4.670B 9.78
SPX Technologies (SPXC) United States $3.675B 22.31
Sprinklr (CXM) United States $3.587B 0.00
Instructure Holdings (INST) United States $3.488B 36.28
Crane NXT (CXT) United States $3.028B 7.79
Kyndryl Holdings (KD) United States $2.777B 0.00
N-able (NABL) United States $2.596B 109.69
Lightspeed Commerce (LSPD) Canada $2.218B 0.00
Coursera (COUR) United States $2.017B 0.00
Lumen Technologies (LUMN) United States $1.918B 1.87
Zeta Global Holdings (ZETA) United States $1.875B 0.00
Mirion Technologies (MIR) United States $1.779B 43.83
LiveRamp Holdings (RAMP) United States $1.687B 0.00
MeridianLink (MLNK) United States $1.630B 0.00
V2X (VVX) United States $1.325B 9.58
TDCX (TDCX) Singapore $1.313B 17.34
Ecovyst (ECVT) United States $1.281B 16.92
AMTD Digital (HKD) Hong Kong, SAR China $1.240B 0.00
Paymentus Holdings (PAY) United States $1.185B 192.20
TELUS (CDA) (TIXT) Canada $1.173B 13.84
Yext (YEXT) United States $1.127B 0.00
PropertyGuru Group (PGRU) Singapore $0.723B 0.00
ATRenew (RERE) China $0.720B 0.00
SmartRent (SMRT) United States $0.718B 0.00
Amprius Technologies (AMPX) United States $0.698B 0.00
Gaotu Techedu (GOTU) China $0.671B 65.25
Harsco (HSC) United States $0.667B 836.00
Youdao (DAO) China $0.582B 0.00
MediaAlpha (MAX) United States $0.559B 0.00
WeWork (WE) United States $0.490B 0.00
Xperi (XPER) United States $0.468B 0.00
Bakkt Holdings (BKKT) United States $0.382B 0.09
FiscalNote Holdings (NOTE) United States $0.313B 0.00
Skillsoft (SKIL) United States $0.262B 0.00
BlackSky Technology (BKSY) United States $0.229B 0.00
CoreCard (CCRD) United States $0.214B 33.18
OneConnect Financial Technology (OCFT) China $0.137B 0.00
Doma Holdings (DOMA) United States $0.093B 0.00
Rubicon Technologies (RBT) United States $0.056B 0.00
Sunlight Financial Holdings (SUNL) United States $0.047B 0.00
SOS (SOS) China $0.041B 0.00
BIT Mining (BTCM) United States $0.029B 0.00
Jianpu Technology (JT) China $0.026B 0.00
Owlet (OWLT) United States $0.025B 0.00
Digital Media Solutions (DMS) United States $0.025B 0.00
Shapeways Holdings (SHPW) United States $0.025B 0.00
Waterdrop (WDH) China $0.000B 11.24
LAIX (LAIX) China $0.000B 0.00