China Merchants Holdings Gross Profit 2012-2023 | CMHHY

China Merchants Holdings annual/quarterly gross profit history and growth rate from 2012 to 2023. Gross profit can be defined as the profit a company makes after deducting the variable costs directly associated with making and selling its products or providing its services.
  • China Merchants Holdings gross profit for the quarter ending June 30, 2023 was $M, a NAN% increase year-over-year.
  • China Merchants Holdings gross profit for the twelve months ending June 30, 2023 was $0M, a NAN% increase year-over-year.
  • China Merchants Holdings annual gross profit for 2022 was $0.711B, a 3.13% increase from 2021.
  • China Merchants Holdings annual gross profit for 2021 was $0.689B, a 42.86% increase from 2020.
  • China Merchants Holdings annual gross profit for 2020 was $0.483B, a 1.78% increase from 2019.
China Merchants Holdings Annual Gross Profit
(Millions of US $)
2022 $711
2021 $689
2020 $483
2019 $474
2018 $560
2017 $441
2016 $432
2015 $468
2014 $454
2013 $417
2012 $559
2011 $521
China Merchants Holdings Quarterly Gross Profit
(Millions of US $)
2016-12-31 $1,028
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Multi-Sector Conglomerates Diversified Operations $5.642B $1.602B
China Merchants Holdings Company Limited is an investment holding company with business network and market expertise in several business sectors covering transportation infrastructure, finance, real estate and related community services, energy shipping & logistics. CMHI is a public port operator in China, with investments across the Bohai Economic Zone, the Yangtze River Delta, the Xiamen Bay Economic Zone, the Pearl River Delta, and the Southwest region. Its nationwide port network includes the coastal hub ports in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen Bay and Zhanjiang. The Company also operates in bulk cargo terminal sector. CMHI's parent company is China Merchants Group, a conglomerate engaged in transportation, infrastructure, financial and property management. China Merchants Holdings Company Limited is headquartered in Central, Hong Kong.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
PDD Holdings (PDD) Ireland $194.727B 18.67
Danaher (DHR) United States $190.179B 31.78
Honeywell (HON) United States $140.584B 23.09
Hitachi (HTHIY) Japan $98.961B 12.43
3M (MMM) United States $56.991B 10.66
Marubeni (MARUY) Japan $30.881B 9.49
Sumitomo (SSUMY) Japan $29.765B 11.66
Markel Group (MKL) United States $20.700B 14.01
Carlisle (CSL) United States $20.298B 24.02
Ck Hutchison Holdings (CKHUY) Hong Kong, SAR China $17.963B 0.00
Bunzl (BZLFY) United Kingdom $13.074B 0.00
Jardine Matheson Holdings (JMHLY) China $10.894B 0.00
ITT (ITT) United States $10.763B 23.95
Icahn Enterprises (IEP) United States $7.151B 0.00
Federal Signal (FSS) United States $5.216B 30.93
IAC (IAC) United States $3.764B 0.00
Griffon (GFF) United States $3.279B 13.51
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRB) $2.908B 0.00
Worthington Enterprises (WOR) United States $2.569B 8.04
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRA) United States $2.474B 0.00
First Pacific (FPAFY) Hong Kong, SAR China $1.943B 0.00
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRK) $1.931B 0.00
Vector Group (VGR) United States $1.732B 8.80
Falcon's Beyond Global (FBYD) United States $1.539B 0.00
Barloworld (BRRAY) South Africa $0.900B 0.00
Steel Partners Holdings LP (SPLP) United States $0.756B 5.43
Lsb Industries (LXU) United States $0.599B 44.05
National Presto Industries (NPK) United States $0.525B 16.34
Scully Royalty (SRL) China $0.099B 0.00
Live Ventures (LIVE) United States $0.075B 0.00
Great Elm (GEG) United States $0.056B 0.00
INNOVATE (VATE) United States $0.055B 0.00
Fundamental Global (FGF) United States $0.026B 0.00
La Rosa Holdings (LRHC) United States $0.022B 0.00
Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) United States $0.014B 0.00
Star Equity Holdings (STRR) United States $0.013B 0.00
Alset (AEI) United States $0.013B 0.00
Antelope Enterprise Holdings L (AEHL) United States $0.008B 0.00
Paranovus Entertainment Technology (PAVS) China $0.007B 0.00
Jet.AI (JTAI) United States $0.006B 6.79
Addentax Group (ATXG) China $0.004B 0.00
Fresh2 Group (FRES) China $0.003B 0.00
Aquaron Acquisition (JXJT) China $0.001B 0.00
TROOPS (TROO) Hong Kong, SAR China $0.000B 0.00