Bunzl Debt to Equity Ratio 2010-2023 | BZLFY

Current and historical debt to equity ratio values for Bunzl (BZLFY) over the last 10 years. The debt/equity ratio can be defined as a measure of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its long-term debt by stockholders' equity. Bunzl debt/equity for the three months ending June 30, 2023 was 0.00.
Bunzl Debt/Equity Ratio Historical Data
Date Long Term Debt Shareholder's Equity Debt to Equity Ratio
2023-06-30 $7.28B $3.29B 2.21
2022-12-31 $7.35B $3.37B 2.19
2022-06-30 $7.11B $3.02B 2.36
2021-12-31 $6.75B $3.03B 2.23
2021-06-30 $6.77B $2.69B 2.52
2020-12-31 $6.31B $2.46B 2.56
2020-06-30 $5.71B $2.36B 2.42
2019-12-31 $5.33B $2.23B 2.39
2018-12-31 $5.15B $2.26B 2.28
2018-06-30 $5.34B $2.00B 2.67
2017-12-31 $4.82B $1.87B 2.58
2017-06-30 $4.53B $1.63B 2.78
2016-12-31 $4.33B $1.78B 2.43
2015-12-31 $3.98B $1.55B 2.56
2015-06-30 $3.94B $1.32B 2.98
2014-12-31 $3.80B $1.62B 2.34
2014-06-30 $3.91B $1.46B 2.68
2013-12-31 $3.49B $1.47B 2.37
2013-06-30 $3.56B $1.33B 2.67
2012-12-31 $3.26B $1.40B 2.32
2012-06-30 $3.14B $1.23B 2.55
2011-12-31 $3.10B $1.29B 2.40
2011-06-30 $3.19B $1.33B 2.39
2010-12-31 $2.88B $1.23B 2.34
2010-06-30 $2.86B $0.97B 2.96
2009-12-31 $2.87B $1.06B 2.72
2009-06-30 $2.91B $0.85B 3.41
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Multi-Sector Conglomerates Diversified Operations $13.025B $14.670B
Bunzl Plc operates in two business areas; Outsourcing Services and Filtrona. As an international componay Bunzl has developed sound partnerships with both suppliers and customers by providing outsourcing solutions and customer service oriented distribution and light manufacture, primarily of plastic and paper based products.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Danaher (DHR) United States $194.638B 32.52
Honeywell (HON) United States $130.035B 21.36
Hitachi (HTHIY) Japan $93.308B 11.72
3M (MMM) United States $55.154B 10.32
Marubeni (MARUY) Japan $32.803B 10.33
Sumitomo (SSUMY) Japan $31.891B 8.85
Markel Group (MKL) United States $21.042B 14.24
Carlisle (CSL) United States $20.369B 24.11
Ck Hutchison Holdings (CKHUY) Hong Kong, SAR China $20.184B 0.00
ITT (ITT) United States $11.322B 25.20
Jardine Matheson Holdings (JMHLY) China $11.091B 0.00
Icahn Enterprises (IEP) United States $7.535B 0.00
China Merchants Holdings (CMHHY) Hong Kong, SAR China $5.642B 0.00
Federal Signal (FSS) United States $5.301B 31.43
IAC (IAC) United States $3.999B 0.00
Griffon (GFF) United States $3.344B 13.77
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRB) $2.956B 0.00
Worthington Enterprises (WOR) United States $2.855B 8.93
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRA) United States $2.549B 0.00
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRK) $1.972B 0.00
First Pacific (FPAFY) Hong Kong, SAR China $1.969B 0.00
Vector Group (VGR) United States $1.706B 8.67
Falcon's Beyond Global (FBYD) United States $1.464B 0.00
Barloworld (BRRAY) South Africa $0.881B 0.00
Steel Partners Holdings LP (SPLP) United States $0.806B 5.78
Lsb Industries (LXU) United States $0.694B 51.05
National Presto Industries (NPK) United States $0.533B 16.58
Scully Royalty (SRL) China $0.090B 0.00
Live Ventures (LIVE) United States $0.078B 0.00
Great Elm (GEG) United States $0.058B 0.00
INNOVATE (VATE) United States $0.055B 0.00
Fundamental Global (FGF) United States $0.036B 0.00
La Rosa Holdings (LRHC) United States $0.018B 0.00
Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) United States $0.015B 0.00
Star Equity Holdings (STRR) United States $0.014B 0.00
Jet.AI (JTAI) United States $0.009B 0.00
Paranovus Entertainment Technology (PAVS) China $0.008B 0.00
Alset (AEI) United States $0.006B 0.00
Antelope Enterprise Holdings L (AEHL) China $0.005B 0.00
Addentax Group (ATXG) China $0.004B 0.00
Fresh2 Group (FRES) China $0.004B 0.00
Aquaron Acquisition (JXJT) China $0.001B 0.00
TROOPS (TROO) Hong Kong, SAR China $0.000B 0.00