Eventbrite ROE 2017-2022 | EB

Current and historical return on equity (ROE) values for Eventbrite (EB) over the last 10 years. Return on equity can be defined as the amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders equity. Return on equity measures a corporation's profitability by revealing how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested.
Eventbrite ROE - Return on Equity Historical Data
Date TTM Net Income Shareholder's Equity Return on Equity
2022-09-30 $-0.08B $0.15B -47.28%
2022-06-30 $-0.07B $0.16B -43.44%
2022-03-31 $-0.07B $0.16B -43.00%
2021-12-31 $-0.14B $0.17B -80.23%
2021-09-30 $-0.14B $0.17B -67.77%
2021-06-30 $-0.15B $0.18B -58.23%
2021-03-31 $-0.16B $0.18B -56.70%
2020-12-31 $-0.22B $0.32B -71.05%
2020-09-30 $-0.22B $0.32B -63.60%
2020-06-30 $-0.23B $0.33B -62.31%
2020-03-31 $-0.21B $0.29B -52.13%
2019-12-31 $-0.07B $0.43B -16.20%
2019-09-30 $-0.06B $0.42B -13.94%
2019-06-30 $-0.07B $0.43B -15.37%
2019-03-31 $-0.08B $0.43B -23.81%
2018-12-31 $-0.07B $0.42B -31.14%
2018-06-30 $-0.04B $0.00B inf%
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Computer and Technology Internet Services $0.700B $0.187B
Eventbrite, Inc. offers a platform which allows users to provide online event planning services, as well as publishes, promotes and sells tickets through social networks and e-mails. Eventbrite, Inc. is based in San Francisco, United States.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Uber Technologies (UBER) United States $56.841B 0.00
Shopify (SHOP) Canada $46.461B 0.00
DoorDash (DASH) United States $21.534B 0.00
Autohome (ATHM) China $3.362B 12.12
Membership Collective Group (MCG) United Kingdom $0.237B 0.00
Cango (CANG) China $0.228B 0.00
Yirendai (YRD) China $0.100B 0.00
Sunlands Technology Group (STG) China $0.053B 0.58
IronNet (IRNT) United States $0.052B 0.00
CooTek (Cayman) (CTK) China $0.000B 0.00