Garmin Return on Investment 2010-2024 | GRMN

Current and historical return on investment (ROI) values for Garmin (GRMN) over the last 10 years.
Garmin ROI - Return on Investment Historical Data
Date TTM Net Income LT Investments & Debt Return on Investment
2024-03-31 $1.19B inf%
2023-12-31 $1.09B inf%
2023-09-30 $1.02B inf%
2023-06-30 $0.99B inf%
2023-03-31 $1.00B inf%
2022-12-31 $1.03B inf%
2022-09-30 $1.08B inf%
2022-06-30 $1.12B inf%
2022-03-31 $1.20B inf%
2021-12-31 $1.22B inf%
2021-09-30 $1.28B inf%
2021-06-30 $1.31B inf%
2021-03-31 $1.13B inf%
2020-12-31 $1.05B inf%
2020-09-30 $0.96B inf%
2020-06-30 $0.90B inf%
2020-03-31 $0.97B inf%
2019-12-31 $0.95B inf%
2019-09-30 $0.89B inf%
2019-06-30 $0.83B inf%
2019-03-31 $0.79B inf%
2018-12-31 $0.78B inf%
2018-09-30 $0.74B inf%
2018-06-30 $0.72B inf%
2018-03-31 $0.71B inf%
2017-12-31 $0.68B inf%
2017-09-30 $0.67B inf%
2017-06-30 $0.66B inf%
2017-03-31 $0.65B inf%
2016-12-31 $0.63B inf%
2016-09-30 $0.61B inf%
2016-06-30 $0.58B inf%
2016-03-31 $0.54B inf%
2015-12-31 $0.55B inf%
2015-09-30 $0.58B inf%
2015-06-30 $0.63B inf%
2015-03-31 $0.68B inf%
2014-12-31 $0.69B inf%
2014-09-30 $0.69B inf%
2014-06-30 $0.66B inf%
2014-03-31 $0.61B inf%
2013-12-31 $0.57B inf%
2013-09-30 $0.55B inf%
2013-06-30 $0.56B inf%
2013-03-31 $0.59B inf%
2012-12-31 $0.60B inf%
2012-09-30 $0.65B inf%
2012-06-30 $0.64B inf%
2012-03-31 $0.57B inf%
2011-12-31 $0.55B inf%
2011-09-30 $0.54B inf%
2011-06-30 $0.56B inf%
2011-03-31 $0.63B inf%
2010-12-31 $0.64B inf%
2010-09-30 $0.74B inf%
2010-06-30 $0.81B inf%
2010-03-31 $0.81B inf%
2009-12-31 $0.79B inf%
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Computer and Technology Electrical Products - Miscellaneous $31.103B $5.228B
Garmin, Ltd. is an original equipment manufacturer of navigation and communication equipment that incorporate the global positioning system (GPS)-based technology. The company's diverse portfolio of handheld, portable and fixed-mount GPS-enabled devices provides geographical location and navigation data using the GPS satellite system. The company reports operations under five segments: Outdoor, Fitness, Marine, Auto and Aviation.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
KLA (KLAC) United States $111.755B 36.79
Carrier Global (CARR) United States $57.656B 22.61
Daikin Industries (DKILY) Japan $42.824B 27.06
Hoya (HOCPY) Japan $41.725B 33.30
Trimble (TRMB) United States $13.607B 26.28
Flex (FLEX) Singapore $12.861B 14.30
TD SYNNEX (SNX) United States $11.577B 11.93
ZEEKR Intelligent Technology Holding (ZK) China $5.296B 0.00
Brother Industries (BRTHY) Japan $4.947B 21.93
SiTime (SITM) United States $2.901B 0.00
Hayward Holdings (HAYW) United States $2.864B 24.68
Casio Computer (CSIOY) Japan $1.824B 20.64
Sigma Lithium (SGML) Brazil $1.433B 0.00
Bel Fuse (BELFA) United States $1.071B 14.24
Bel Fuse (BELFB) United States $0.842B 10.88
Preformed Line Products (PLPC) United States $0.655B 12.88
Kimball Electronics (KE) United States $0.558B 12.07
Daktronics (DAKT) United States $0.529B 8.49
Eastman Kodak (KODK) United States $0.457B 5.83
SES AI (SES) United States $0.453B 0.00
Lilium (LILM) Germany $0.435B 0.00
Star Group (SGU) United States $0.383B 16.45
Mistras Group Inc (MG) United States $0.258B 20.85
Wallbox (WBX) Spain $0.240B 0.00
NOVONIX (NVX) Australia $0.213B 0.00
Solidion Technology (STI) United States $0.164B 0.00
Universal Electronics (UEIC) United States $0.148B 0.00
ESS Tech (GWH) United States $0.136B 0.00
Global Partner Acquisition Corp II (GPAC) United States $0.107B 0.00
Electrovaya (ELVA) Canada $0.104B 0.00
AuthID (AUID) United States $0.098B 0.00
Kopin (KOPN) United States $0.087B 0.00
VOXX (VOXX) United States $0.083B 0.00
Li-Cycle Holdings (LICY) $0.080B 0.00
American Battery Technology (ABAT) United States $0.069B 0.00
Spruce Power Holding (SPRU) United States $0.064B 0.00
Exro Technologies (EXROF) Canada $0.063B 0.00
Flux Power Holdings (FLUX) United States $0.062B 0.00
Research Frontiers (REFR) United States $0.060B 0.00
Dragonfly Energy Holdings (DFLI) United States $0.055B 0.00
One Stop Systems (OSS) United States $0.053B 0.00
Key Tronic (KTCC) United States $0.045B 207.50
SigmaTron (SGMA) United States $0.031B 5.07
CCSC Technology Holdings (CCTG) Hong Kong, SAR China $0.027B 0.00
Greenland Technologies Holding (GTEC) United States $0.020B 0.00
ZOOZ Power (ZOOZ) Israel $0.013B 0.00
Erayak Power Solution Group (RAYA) China $0.010B 0.00
Expion360 (XPON) United States $0.009B 0.00
Spectaire Holdings (SPEC) United States $0.009B 0.00
Ostin Technology Group (OST) China $0.007B 0.00
BIO-key (BKYI) United States $0.003B 0.00
Allego (ALLG) Netherlands $0.000B 0.00