Paranovus Entertainment Technology Total Assets 2019-2023 | PAVS

Paranovus Entertainment Technology total assets from 2019 to 2023. Total assets can be defined as the sum of all assets on a company's balance sheet.
Paranovus Entertainment Technology Annual Total Assets
(Millions of US $)
2023 $36
2022 $97
2021 $113
2020 $85
2019 $66
2018 $53
Paranovus Entertainment Technology Quarterly Total Assets
(Millions of US $)
2023-03-31 $36
2022-09-30 $76
2022-03-31 $97
2021-09-30 $104
2021-03-31 $113
2020-09-30 $94
2020-03-31 $85
2019-09-30 $71
2019-03-31 $66
2018-03-31 $53
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Multi-Sector Conglomerates Diversified Operations $0.010B $0.098B
Paranovus Entertainment Technology Ltd. business lines includes nutraceutical and dietary supplements, e-commerce and automobile sales. The nutrition and dietary supplements business is focusing on the research, development, manufacture and marketing of various products made from Chinese herbal extracts and other ingredients. E-commerce business focuses on offering e-commerce solutions, including advertising and information technology services. Automobile sales adopts the B2B business model. Paranovus Entertainment Technology Ltd., formerly known as Happiness Development Group Limited, is Headquartered in Nanping, China.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
Danaher (DHR) United States $175.035B 27.74
Honeywell (HON) United States $124.428B 20.84
Hitachi (HTHIY) Japan $83.030B 8.60
3M (MMM) United States $50.621B 9.90
Sumitomo (SSUMY) Japan $29.533B 8.19
Marubeni (MARUY) Japan $28.479B 8.97
Markel Group (MKL) United States $18.723B 12.73
Carlisle (CSL) United States $17.564B 22.13
Ck Hutchison Holdings (CKHUY) Hong Kong, SAR China $17.235B 0.00
Bunzl (BZLFY) United Kingdom $12.500B 0.00
Jardine Matheson Holdings (JMHLY) China $10.591B 0.00
ITT (ITT) United States $10.295B 24.02
Icahn Enterprises (IEP) United States $7.246B 0.00
Federal Signal (FSS) United States $4.975B 31.60
IAC (IAC) United States $3.810B 0.00
Griffon (GFF) United States $3.322B 13.70
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRB) $2.939B 0.00
Worthington Enterprises (WOR) United States $2.869B 8.97
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRA) United States $2.483B 0.00
Atlanta Braves Holdings (BATRK) $2.299B 0.00
First Pacific (FPAFY) Hong Kong, SAR China $1.901B 0.00
Vector Group (VGR) United States $1.583B 8.16
Falcon's Beyond Global (FBYD) United States $1.273B 0.00
Steel Partners Holdings LP (SPLP) United States $0.764B 5.83
Lsb Industries (LXU) United States $0.581B 23.41
National Presto Industries (NPK) United States $0.570B 16.46
Scully Royalty (SRL) China $0.099B 0.00
Live Ventures (LIVE) United States $0.084B 0.00
Great Elm (GEG) United States $0.060B 0.00
INNOVATE (VATE) United States $0.048B 0.00
Fundamental Global (FGF) United States $0.041B 7.68
La Rosa Holdings (LRHC) United States $0.025B 0.00
Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) United States $0.020B 0.00
Star Equity Holdings (STRR) United States $0.013B 0.00
Jet.AI (JTAI) United States $0.009B 10.57
Alset (AEI) United States $0.006B 0.00
Addentax Group (ATXG) China $0.004B 0.00
Fresh2 Group (FRES) China $0.003B 0.00
Antelope Enterprise Holdings L (AEHL) China $0.001B 0.00
Aquaron Acquisition (JXJT) China $0.001B 0.00
TROOPS (TROO) Hong Kong, SAR China $0.000B 0.00