Denso ROE 2010-2023 | DNZOY

Current and historical return on equity (ROE) values for Denso (DNZOY) over the last 10 years. Return on equity can be defined as the amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders equity. Return on equity measures a corporation's profitability by revealing how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested.
Denso ROE - Return on Equity Historical Data
Date TTM Net Income Shareholder's Equity Return on Equity
2023-06-30 $1.00B $36.82B 2.81%
2022-06-30 $0.89B $34.88B 2.56%
2021-06-30 $1.21B $38.10B 3.45%
2020-06-30 $1.08B $32.47B 3.26%
2019-06-30 $2.35B $34.13B 7.31%
2018-06-30 $2.30B $35.00B 7.57%
2017-06-30 $2.24B $31.12B 7.81%
2016-06-30 $1.87B $28.38B 6.74%
2016-03-31 $2.05B $27.02B 7.34%
2015-12-31 $2.40B $28.23B 8.24%
2015-09-30 $2.37B $27.48B 8.02%
2015-06-30 $2.54B $28.96B 8.51%
2015-03-31 $2.61B $31.77B 8.80%
2014-12-31 $2.39B $29.95B 8.32%
2014-09-30 $2.51B $28.72B 8.90%
2014-06-30 $2.67B $28.03B 9.61%
2014-03-31 $2.87B $28.23B 10.54%
2013-12-31 $2.89B $27.92B 10.86%
2013-09-30 $2.80B $26.82B 10.56%
2013-06-30 $2.52B $26.01B 9.51%
2013-03-31 $2.26B $25.80B 8.51%
2012-12-31 $2.30B $27.43B 8.68%
2012-09-30 $1.82B $26.71B 7.02%
2012-06-30 $1.72B $26.12B 6.71%
2012-03-31 $1.14B $25.76B 4.48%
2011-12-31 $0.63B $25.20B 2.52%
2011-09-30 $0.90B $25.42B 3.58%
2011-06-30 $1.22B $25.18B 4.96%
2011-03-31 $1.69B $24.92B 7.12%
2010-12-31 $1.77B $24.61B 7.75%
2010-09-30 $1.85B $23.52B 8.27%
2010-06-30 $1.34B $21.62B 6.21%
2010-03-31 $0.81B $21.84B 3.83%
2009-12-31 $-0.74B $22.33B -3.58%
Sector Industry Market Cap Revenue
Auto/Tires/Trucks Auto & Truck Original Equipment Manufacturers $53.048B $47.383B
Denso Corporation is the global manufacturer and supplier of automotive technology, systems and auto parts. Its automotive supplies include advanced technology, systems and components in the areas of thermal, power train control, electric, electronics and information and safety. The Company's product line includes body electronics, hybrid vehicle components, automatic identification products, industrial robots, programmable logic controllers; and products that provide engine management, climate control, driving control and safety. Products offered by Denso are: automotive air conditioning, heaters, cockpit modules, radiators, starters, alternators, concealed rear wipers, windshield wiper, washer systems, power windows, airbag sensing, lane keeping assist, electric power steering systems, battery ECU, DC-DC converters, integrated starter generators, electric compressors, car navigation systems, electronic toll collection systems, and data communication modules. Denso is headquartered in Kariya City, Japan.
Stock Name Country Market Cap PE Ratio
AB Volvo (VLVLY) Sweden $52.280B 11.13
Mobileye Global (MBLY) Israel $20.649B 47.46
Continental AG (CTTAY) Germany $16.454B 13.49
Magna (MGA) Canada $15.756B 10.17
Aisin Seiki (ASEKY) Japan $9.689B 16.49
Autoliv (ALV) Sweden $9.381B 13.55
Gentex (GNTX) United States $8.192B 19.09
Lear (LEA) United States $7.774B 11.35
Oshkosh (OSK) United States $7.107B 11.00
BorgWarner (BWA) United States $7.034B 7.09
Allison Transmission Holdings (ALSN) United States $6.155B 9.49
BRP (DOOO) Canada $5.042B 7.17
Modine Manufacturing (MOD) United States $4.187B 25.46
QuantumScape (QS) United States $3.427B 0.00
Visteon (VC) United States $3.311B 19.52
Adient (ADNT) Ireland $3.148B 16.27
Valeo S.A (VLEEY) France $3.097B 0.00
LCI Industries (LCII) United States $3.091B 48.25
Driven Brands Holdings (DRVN) United States $2.328B 15.44
Garrett Motion (GTX) Switzerland $2.263B 0.00
Dana (DAN) United States $1.951B 16.49
Custom Truck One Source (CTOS) United States $1.676B 23.00
Gentherm Inc (THRM) United States $1.638B 22.91
XPEL (XPEL) United States $1.554B 30.57
OPENLANE (KAR) United States $1.540B 16.20
PHINIA (PHIN) United States $1.481B 0.00
Wabash National (WNC) United States $1.213B 5.47
Luminar Technologies (LAZR) United States $1.017B 0.00
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings (AXL) United States $0.969B 0.00
ChargePoint Holdings (CHPT) United States $0.895B 0.00
EVgo (EVGO) United States $0.775B 0.00
Holley (HLLY) United States $0.585B 123.25
Miller Industries (MLR) United States $0.494B 9.75
Hesai Group (HSAI) China $0.493B 0.00
Iochpe-Maxion SA (IOCJY) Brazil $0.415B 0.00
Shyft (SHYF) United States $0.394B 12.10
Solid Power (SLDP) United States $0.318B 0.00
Cheche Group (CCG) China $0.308B 0.00
Hyliion Holdings (HYLN) United States $0.283B 0.00
Aeva Technologies (AEVA) United States $0.278B 0.00
Innoviz Technologies (INVZ) Israel $0.275B 0.00
Cooper-Standard Holdings (CPS) United States $0.244B 0.00
Commercial Vehicle (CVGI) United States $0.227B 7.84
Hyzon Motors (HYZN) United States $0.167B 0.00
CarParts (PRTS) United States $0.156B 0.00
Niu Technologies (NIU) China $0.149B 0.00
Latch (LTCH) United States $0.118B 0.00
Beam Global (BEEM) United States $0.110B 0.00
Strattec Security (STRT) United States $0.108B 21.38
China Automotive Systems (CAAS) China $0.107B 3.43
Westport Fuel Systems (WPRT) Canada $0.099B 0.00
Superior Industries (SUP) United States $0.094B 0.00
REE Automotive (REE) Israel $0.092B 0.00
Workhorse (WKHS) United States $0.077B 0.00
Cepton (CPTN) United States $0.043B 0.00
Tritium DCFC (DCFC) Australia $0.025B 0.00
Faraday Future Intelligent Electric (FFIE) United States $0.012B 0.00
AEye (LIDR) United States $0.008B 0.00
Cyngn (CYN) United States $0.008B 0.00
Arcimoto (FUV) United States $0.006B 0.00
U Power (UCAR) China $0.005B 0.00
Nxu (NXU) United States $0.002B 0.00
Nuvve Holding (NVVE) United States $0.001B 0.00
China Yuchai (CYD) Singapore $0.000B 0.00
Ferrari (RACE) Italy $0.000B 52.25